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    King Solomon is a natural born hustler, authentic, and survivalist of the street. Restoring G-Code back into the game with and ability to smoothly paint a picture with words is what separates him from the rest. King Solomon is clear, concise and germane on living by the G Code. “I keep it for the people grinding day to day to make it.” His music has stood the test of time with The November Man being his 7th project released. “I have seen it all, I share my insight into life so my listener’s walk away with some understanding of me.” 

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  • On The November Man the first order of business was laying out standard procedure as King Solomon explains “To much fraudulent behavior in the game right now, we have a lot of fakers and/or blind leading the blind.” The street have long respected King Solomon music as a fixture on the Cleveland Music scene. He has amassed an enormous DJ support and a mixtape following. He continues to grind out shows and expand his brand nationwide. “Nobody’s gonna hustle like you will for you…PERIOD.” Behind the scenes he has also taking on the V.P role at Grind House Music & Entertainment. “I want to help mentor hip hop especially where my city is concerned.”

    November Man introduces King Solomon fans too his new direction in brand and sound. “The release of my new EP marks an evolutionary stage in my career, it’s my game changer, and precursor to my studio album An American Original due out next year.” “I think my album next year is what people will really relate too. In comparison to the Ep I’m able to give more of myself, more insight into life and more guidance to a generation that needs it. Songs like #DMUAG on The November Man illustrate King Solomon mentoring on respect. He feels that you gain respect by trying to be somebody else. “Stand out, don’t fit in. Stop listening to clowns glorify ignorance and think that will earn you respect. Respect, like most things in life is earned, not given. It’s really that simple.”

    King Solomon has teamed up with producers Track Titans to provide the canvas for The November Man project. He paints the picture giving you something musical and smooth. He has a laid back style that is uncut with no filler. The November Man will release on November 25th, 2014 on Grind House Music & Entertainment. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Beats, Rdio and Deezer online stores.