• Ghost

  • JG Da Phatboi is a Cleveland native expanding the music minds of today with his versatile style, cunning delivery, and southern soul. His debut single “Ghost” is quickly rising to the top placing #4 in the Franchise Record Pool for Indie Artists less than two weeks since its submission. Slated for an August 3rd global release “Ghost” boasts an interesting combination of EDM and Hip Hop elements with a street edge which makes it a song that transcends the conventional Hip Hop demographic while maintaining street credibility.

    Channeling his frustrations with the current state of Hip Hop in Cleveland, Ohio, JG Da Phatboi delivered a one verse massive assault on the underhanded and manipulative “business” practices and self hating attitudes that has become an accepted norm in Cleveland’s local hip hop scene. His proclamation of rising from the negative forces that attempted to stifle his rise to success speaks to a widely diversified audience from all walks of life and is cleverly portrayed in such lyrics as “The more you think I died, the more I come alive” and “… wanna say I’m dead like I have no soul”. “Ghost” is a creatively melodic manifesto perfect for an era when substance and creativity is desperately sought but seemingly extinct. What does JG have to say to that? “Wait till You see my Ghost”.

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    Released: Jul 6th, 2015