• Unbreakable Brigade

  • Reapers by The Unbreakable Brigade

    Two years in the making, the Reapers project has been an arduous process. In that time The Unbreakable Brigade, formed as a joint venture of the GrindHouse Media Group and Unbreakable Records, has cultivated a vintage style of music all their own. Unifying three of Cleveland’s top artists to share one vision and goal, give the fans great music. Reapers is an universal, inspirational, energetic, and creative project with the end objective of kill the game and revive it, symbolized by everything from its artwork to its infectious songs. Reference songs such as “Judas” and “Ali” and you will see the Brigade will come for your soul with a unique feel as they tackle many different issues such as love on “Love Triangle” to conquering your fears on “Dreamz”.

  • Release Date

    06 . 06 . 16

  • The members of the Unbreakable Brigade are Potent Dank, SugaHardKnox, and JG Da Phatboi. Potent Dank is the Co-Founder and Head of GrindHouse Media Group. He brings wisdom, strength, and experience to the group. His extensive history with Cleveland’s music scene along with his resilient demeanor, potent lyrics, versatility, and vigorous delivery is the core of The Unbreakable Brigade’s panache. His current single “Just Another Day” exemplifies his awareness of the social plights faced by many Americans today while displaying apathy, fellowship, and leadership.

    Dank met the 10 year old, wise beyond her years SugaHardKnox, then known as Ricochet, during his time living the street life. Re-acquainted some 20 odd years later via a mutual acquaintance, they bonded instantly, igniting a camaraderie that ultimately blossomed into one of the most well-rounded and versatile conglomerates the world will soon be privileged to encounter. Suga Hardknox is Co-CEO and Founder of Unbreakable Records. Suga is a loyal sister and mother figure of the Brigade. She provides unsaturated truth, divine insight, bold affirmations, and fiercely courageous lyrics. Her compassion and tough love is reminiscent of the strong sisters of the 60 and 70’s. She resonates her foxy attitude in such lyrical offerings as “Damage is Done” and her sharp quips manifest in her solo single “Yep That’s Me” a promulgation of her charismatic delivery.

    JG Da Phatboi was introduced to Suga HardKnox in 2013 and he became a crucial fit to Unbreakable Records. Now the Co-CEO of Unbreakable Records JG boasts a versatile style and southern soul that bridges the generational gap not only between the super group itself but also between their fans that vary in lifestyles, cultures, and music preferences. He embodies a healthy balance between humility, confidence, humor, and severity as evident by his cunning delivery and razor sharp lyrics. His solo single “Ghost” boasts an interesting combination of EDM and Hip Hop elements with a street edge makes it a song that transcends.

    Collectively, The Unbreakable Brigade epitomizes the return of fun, authenticity, integrity, and thought provoking subject matter to hip hop with an authoritative yet amorous tone needed in these current, and troubling times. Vowing to implement substance in an era complacent with shallow, watered down proclamations, and mediocre lyrical offerings “The Reapers” are here to fill the void.